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Bring smokers and non-smokers together at one table!

The wide product range of certified smoke & talk smoking cabins enables non-smokers to be protected in all fields of use.

  • DESIGN LINE Smoking Cabins
    DESIGN LINE smoking cabin - asecos

    DESIGN LINE smoking cabin: New design 2017, symbiosis of form and function

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  • ECONOMY LINE Smoking Cabins
    ECONOMY LINE smoking cabin

    ECONOMY LINE smoking cabin: Proven technology, unobtrusive design, attractive price

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  • INDIVIDUAL LINE Smoking Cabins
    INDIVIDUAL LINE smokers’ cabin

    INDIVIDUAL LINE smoking cabin: Intelligent solutions for individual requirements

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  • HORECA LINE Smoking Cabins
    HORECA LINE smokers’ cabin

    HORECA LINE smoking cabin: Ideal for restaurants / gastronomy, cultural and leisure facilities

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  • EVENT LINE Smoking Cabins
    EVENT LINE smokers’ cabin

    EVENT LINE smoking cabin: The mobile version of the classical smoking rooms

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