Air purifying in XXL format

Proven and highly efficient technology

The air cleaner XXL is a symbiosis of technical elements of the certified smoke & talk smoking cabin and the air cleaner series from asecos. The extra-large size air cleaner is available in two variants: Type S (for smoking spaces) and Type B (for internal spaces of every type).

The device provides excellent results in extraction and filtration, ensures a significant improvement in the air throughout the installation space and is the favorable alternative to expensive exhaust air systems. The XXL air cleaner can be integrated into existing building structures as a ready-to-plug-in solution and offers variable installation thanks to the retractable base.

The smoke & talk air cleaner XXL is due to its very large filter package ideal for areas with high traffic of people: Large smoking space, open-plan offices, meeting rooms, canteens, hospitals, gyms, etc. The XXL air cleaner is vandalism-proof due to its impact and scratch-resistant surfaces. smoke & talk 'Made in Germany' quality product.

 Air purifier XXL
 Air purifier XXL

Air purifier XXL

  • The polluted air is cleaned by the XXL air cleaner through five filter level and then returned to the installation space: Filter stages 1 to 3 extract all particulate pollutants from the air, while stage 4 filters all gaseous pollutants and odors. The fifth filter level eventually eliminates harmful aldehydes.
  • Depending on your needs, you can choose between the two filter levels of "Regular Power" and "Extra Power". The operational readiness of the device is indicated by means of LED.
  • The optionally available air adapter attachment enables the clever diversion of the supply air or exhaust air of the air cleaner. Thus the XXL air cleaner can be placed, for example, in an adjacent room. Or the cleaned exhaust air is blown into a different space from the installation space.
  • Air cleaner XXL Type S: For smoking areas – cleans the tobacco smoke-contaminated room air effectively and minimizes cold smoke smell in smoking rooms.
  • Air cleaner XXL Type B: For internal spaces of any kind - the room air removes pollutants and pathogens, which can affect the health.

Technical Data

Air purifier XXL

  • Dimensions W x D x H (mm): 1200 x 705 x 1950
  • Weight: approx. 370 kg
  • Filter monitoring: By means of pressure differential sensor, LED display
  • Five-stage filter system: Coarse filter, fine filter, HEPA filter, activated carbon and formaldehyde trap


Air purifier XXL

  • Luftreiniger XXL auf einer Firmenfeier.

  • Luftreiniger XXL auf einer Firmenfeier.

  • Flexibilität: der Luftreiniger kann einfach mit einem Hubwagen umplatziert werden.

  • Luftreiniger XXL in einem Großraumbüro.

  • Luftreiniger XXL in einem Großraumbüro.

  • Die belastete Luft wird vom Luftreiniger XXL durch fünf Filterstufen gereinigt und dann wieder in den Aufstellraum abgegeben.

  • Kopfteil des Luftreiniger XXL.

  • Luftreiniger XXL im Aufenthaltsraum eines Unternehmens.

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