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Viruses and other microorganisms are transmitted via extremely fine airborne liquid droplets, called aerosols.
These can float and survive in the air even for long periods of time. 

There is an increased risk of infection in poorly ventilated indoor areas. 

Therefore, effective room ventilation is a high priority in hygiene concepts, in order to counteractelevated concentrations of hazardous materials.

However, room characteristics and winter weather can make natural ventilation more difficult.

Reduce indoor viral loads and pollutant levels significantly - by using asecos air purifiers.

Using an asecos air purifier can significantly reduce viral loads and pollution in indoor areas. But fresh air must be supplied to the rooms via natural or technical ventilation because air purifiers should not be considered a substitute for a fresh air supply.

The air purifier XXL is equipped with a HEPA filter of class H14 according to EN 1822, which also reliably detects the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

The size range of the Corona viruses is approx. 0.12-0.16 μm, which is exactly within the effective range of the HEPA filter. The HEPA H14 filter has an efficiency of 99.995 % for particles from 0.1 to 0.3 μm and is specifically used in areas where infection protection plays an important role.

Each air purifier unit has a volume flow of 1,180 m³/h and is suitable for approx. 120 m³ room volume (corresponds to a room area of 40 m² at a room height of 3 m).

No less effective, the multi-talented AirOne provides a pleasant working climate and a new quality of room air.

The air purifier, which is available in two model variants, was specially designed for indoor spaces (type B). In combination with a partition wall system and an impregnation adapted to tobacco smoke, type S offers the tailor-made solution for smoking rooms.

The compact air purifiers of the PURIFIAIR series complete the range.

With their multi-component filter units consisting of EPA, HEPA and activated carbon filters, the PURIFIAIR.620 and PURIFIAIR.488, depending on the model, contribute extremely quietly to the reduction of virus and pollutant contamination in indoor rooms. The particle concentration in the room air can be quickly detected and read thanks to the colour display.


What are the costs for an air purifier?

When selecting a suitable air purifier, the size of the room for which the device is to be purchased must be taken into account. 

Those who also attach importance to economy and sustainability should also inform themselves about the maintenance costs of air purifiers. Large-dimensioned filters allow a long use and are cheaper in the long run than small filters that have to be changed frequently. If the air purifiers are to be used in continuous operation, this is an issue that should not be neglected.

 asecos air purifier XXL HEPA filter H14 EN 1822
 asecos air purifier AirOne scheme
 asecos air purifier PURIFIAIR.620 scheme

Put your trust in our expertise!

In developing the high-performance systems for extracting and filtering air contaminated with pathogens, asecos GmbH can draw on its many years of experience in the extraction of hazardous substances.

Our air cleaners have been manufactured at the Gründau site in Hesse for over 10 years and have proven themselves thousands of times over.

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