Clean air for health and well-being

We breath in and out 23,000 times each day. As a result, about 10,000 liters of air flow into our lungs.

Whoever breathes non-polluted room air is not only more efficient, but also less likely to be ill. Clean air has a positive influence on health as well as well-being.

Polluted room air, for example at the workplace, can lead to lack of focus - which in turn leads to a decline in performance.

 Sigh of relief in clean air

We are convinced that every person has the right to breath uncontaminated room air. This passion for clean air has given us the impetus to develop efficient air purifying systems - these help to noticeably improve the air in your interior spaces. With mature technologies that stand for quality, good value for money, high customer value and sustainability.

Create a room air hygienic environment!

Using air cleaners will give you the best results if you strategically choose the number of units and their location - the larger the space to be cleaned, the more air cleaners or more powerful units you should use. The high performance air cleaner can also make sense for smaller spaces: The device runs with lower power, thereby reducing power consumption and operating noise noticeably. Here you will find the air cleaner model suitable for you:

→ To AirOne series with award-winning design.
→ To Air cleaner XXL with especially high performance.

Use of smoking cabins

Especially in the areas where the interests of smokers and non-smokers come together, for example in public areas, smoke & talk's modern non-smoker protection systems can make a significant contribution to room air hygiene as well as social togetherness.

Not only that – as smoke & talk offers non-smoker protection without compromise: Smokers can spend their cigarette break in the cabin. There, the tobacco-contaminated room air is cleaned by highly efficient extraction and filtration technology and is correspondingly discharged into the installation space. That means: No health risk for non-smokers. Discover our various smoking cabin models for numerous uses:

→ Here is the Smoking Cabins-Model Overview.
→ Here is the Technology and Functionality of our air purifying system.

Clean air for health and well-being - smoke & talk by asecos
 Clean air for health and well-being - smoke & talk by asecos
 Clean air for health and well-being - smoke & talk by asecos

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