Technical non-smokers’ protection without compromise

Social togetherness of non-smokers and smokers

What disturbs one person, is for the other person a regular taste: Smoking.
This often causes conflicts.

How can the social togetherness of non-smokers and smokers implemented the best?

And what about the implementation of non-smoker protection - for example in companies and in the workplace - without excluding smokers?

Pure Air

The solution: Space air concept from experts

In general, a smoking ban applies in the workplace and in public institutions in Germany. Non-smokers must be protected from tobacco-contaminated room air. There are a variety of rules and regulations on this in Germany.

We offer legally compliant, cost-effective and technically perfected room air concepts: Our proven air purifying solutions enable conflict-free co-existence of non-smokers and smokers without exposing non-smokers to the dangers of second-hand smoke and annoying tobacco odor.


Companies can make savings by the use of smoking cabins : With the placement of a smoking cabin near the workplace, the transit times of the employees can be shortened within their smoking breaks. In addition, our fireproof ash disposal system provides safety!

Our advisors can also be helpful on the establishment of a smoking space in the business areas – with our powerful air cleaners as an essential technical component of the space concept.

Our products are technically mature and proven a thousand times: In the development of the high-performance system for capturing and filtering tobacco smoke, the asecos experts have transmitted their many years of expertise into the field of hazardous substance capture.

All smoking cabins and air cleaners provide Made in Germany quality and are produced at our Gründau site in Hessen. The development and production of the smoke & talk product solutions for air purifying are certified in accordance with Quality management system ISO 9001:2015 as well as Environmental management system DIN EN ISO 14001:2009.

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