Overview: Smoking cabins of the DESIGN LINE model line

The thousandfold proven technology in a new design

The smoke & talk smoking cabins have stood for certified, highest quality air purifying systems for many years. The ventilation components, filter and ashtray systems meet all relevant fire safety regulations and are state-of-the-art in safety technology.

The fixtures of the new DESIGN LINE is made of the highest quality raw materials, is vandalism-proof and creates a special visual and tactile experience. The cabin frame profiles, ash disposal systems and the pipe system extraction system are made of non-flammable anodized aluminum. Laminated safety glass panels form the side and rear panels. The high performance ventilators correspond to the second level of the EU Regulation 327/2011 (Eco-Design Directive - as of 01/2015).

The DESIGN LINE offers maximum flexibility thanks to numerous model variants and sizes: The smoking cabin is available from the 4 persons up to the XXL large space solution. An optionally available glass front with integrated glass door transforms the smoking cabin into a completely enclosed smoking space. For maximum flexibility in the choice of location, all cabin sizes are optionally available with left- or right-aligned technical part.


Model 4 people: st.203-DESIGN - W x D x H (mm): 2030 x 1355 x 2270
Model 6 people: st.266-DESIGN - W x D x H (mm): 2660 x 1355 x 2270
Model 8 people: st.328-DESIGN - W x D x H (mm): 3280 x 1355 x 2270
Model 12 people: st.453-DESIGN - W x D x H (mm): 4530 x 1355 x 2270

On request, the DESIGN LINE is also available as exhaust air variant (equipped with exhaust air connections): The exhaust air is routed via a pipe connection to the outside or into an existing exhaust air system.

The smoking cabins are tested and certified according to the principles for testing and certification of non-smoker protection systems GS-IFI-M14. That means: Guarantees smoke-free air! With the use of an I.F.I. tested smoking cabin § 5 of the Workplaces Ordinance (non-smoker protection) is complied with in a legally safe manner.

 DESIGN LINE smoking cabin

The highlights of the DESIGN LINE model line

  • Ceiling lighting

    The energy-saving LED ceiling lighting is particularly bright and is controlled together with the exhaust air function via a motion sensor.

  • Ash tray module

    The ash disposal systems are connected to the technical extraction, accumulated cigarette smoke can not escape again from the self-extinguishing ash tray.

    Comfortable emptying

    The ash tray is without the use of tools easy to remove for emptying and cleaning.

  • Decoration variants

    Bleached oak decoration - Drizzle

    The new DESIGN LINE is available in two decoration variants: Select your preferred decoration for the technical part and table. The bleached oak decoration - Drizzle - can also be combined with the anthracite decoration Suede.


    Anthracite decoration - Suede

    Characteristic of the new DESIGN LINE is the timeless and clear look, which lets itself be integrated into any environment without any problems.

    As a further decoration variant is available in silver as a standard.

    Individual color schemes are available upon request for a surcharge.

  • Functional rails system

    Document holder for DIN A4 brochures

    The practical function rail system on the rear panel allows optional installation of various modules: A document holder for DIN A4 brochures can be seen in the illustration.

    Variedly usable functional rail

    The function rail can also be equipped with a screen / TV set as shown in the illustration. A mobile telephone-holding / charging station can be found among the accessories.

  • Laser light

    Marks visual limitation on the floor

    A floor marking by laser light visually delimits the open side of the cabin from the installation space and clearly marks the smoking area.

    The laser light is mounted on the cabin ceiling

    The laser light turns on as soon as the smoking cabin is connected to the mains.

  • Indirect LED lighting
    The front glass edge of the side window is indirectly illuminated and visually highlighted.
  • Glass film with graphic elements

    Set the visual highlights! Lighten up the overall image of your cabin by glass films with graphic elements.

  • Seat cushions

    The comfortable seat cushions are optionally available as accessories, increasing the comfort of the smoking cabin.

  • Space-saving table module

    "Floating" table modules and ashtrays are particularly space-saving due to the beveled front and the practical cut-outs and additionally allow easy cleaning of the floor. Depending on the model size, the smoking cabins of the DESIGN LINE are equipped with one to three table modules including an ashtray.

  • Technology

    Smoke detection

    By the finely perforated ceiling, smoke from the quiet and powerful exhaust air system is detected and exhausted at lightning speed. When entering the cabin, a motion sensor initiates the energy-saving LED ceiling lighting and switches the exhaust air system from standby to full load mode.

    Fresh air curtain

    A fresh air curtain in the entrance holds back the cigarette smoke and allows an open and friendly design of the cabin.

  • Filter system

    A technically proven smoke detection system operates in the smoking cabins from smoke & talk: A 5-stage filter system reliably retains the detected pollutants. The filtered, clean air is released back into the installation space. Positive side effect: An air improvement for the whole space.


smoke & talk smoking cabins of the DESIGN LINE model line



DESIGN LINE smoking cabins

  • Raucherkabine (Modell ST.328-DESIGN) für 8 Personen in einer Unternehmenskantine. Dekor: Eiche gebleicht - Drizzle

  • Raucherkabine (Modell ST.328-DESIGN) für 8 Personen im Flur eines Unternehmens. Dekor: Anthrazit - Suede

  • Raucherkabine (Modell ST.328-DESIGN) für 8 Personen mit 2 Tischmodulen und einem TV-Gerät (Ausstattungsbeispiel).

  • Raucherkabine (Modell ST.328-DESIGN) für 8 Personen als abgeschlossener Raucherraum mit Frontverschluss.

  • Das Mobiliar entsteht aus den qualitativ hochwertigsten Rohstoffen, ist sicher gegen Vandalismus und schafft ein besonderes optisches und haptisches Erlebnis.

  • Mobiltelefon-Ladestation optional erhältlich.

  • Raucherkabine (Modell ST.328-DESIGN) für 8 Personen mit zwei Tischmodulen.

  • Raucherkabine (Modell ST.203-DESIGN) für 4 Personen mit einem Tischmodul.

  • Raucherkabine (Modell ST.266-DESIGN) für 6 Personen als abgeschlossener Raucherraum mit Frontverschluss.

  • Raucherkabine (Modell ST.266-DESIGN) für 6 Personen als abgeschlossener Raucherraum mit Frontverschluss inkl. Dokumenthalter für Prospekte.

  • Raucherkabine (Modell ST.328-DESIGN) für 8 Personen mit 2 Tischmodulen, einem TV-Gerät (Ausstattungsbeispiel) und einer Mobiltelefon-Ladestation.

  • Raucherkabine (Modell ST.328-DESIGN) für 8 Personen mit 2 Tischmodulen und einer hochwertigen Glasfolie.

  • Raucherkabine (Modell ST.328-DESIGN) für 8 Personen mit 2 Tischmodulen ohne Glasfolie.

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