Smoking cabins of the INDIVIDUAL LINE model line

The cabin for special requirements!

Naturally, there are also smoke & talk smoking cabins individually adapted to your wishes. The cabins of the DESIGN LINE are the basis for the INDIVIDUAL LINE: These were each supplemented or slightly changed with other application-related features and are available as barrier-free and / or fire load-neutral variant.

For areas in which only fire-load-neutral materials are used, the fire-load-neutral variant of the INDIVIDUAL LINE is ideal: There is a corresponding expert report by the MPA Dresden GmbH, in which it is certified that the entire system behaves in a fire-load-neutral manner and can be used in areas with special requirements for fire protection.

Unrestricted access to the smoking cabin is provided by the barrier-free design of the INDIVIDUAL LINE, which allows the usage by wheelchair users or persons who are restricted in their mobility.

Application ranges: The INDIVIDUAL LINE smoking cabin can be used to create technical non-smoker protection in transit areas, nursing homes, hospitals and other public facilities.

 IFI Aachen

The smoking cabins are tested and certified according to the principles for testing and certification of non-smoker protection systems GS-IFI-M14. That means: Guarantees smoke-free air! With the use of an I.F.I. tested smoking cabin § 5 of the Workplaces Ordinance (non-smoker protection) is complied with in a legally safe manner.



The versions of the INDIVIDUAL LINE - also available in combination:

  • The fire-load-neutral variant is ideal to be used if fire protection sensitive areas are to be equipped. The expert opinion of the MPA Dresden GmbH – as an officially recognized testing laboratory for the proof of fire behavior of construction products and types of construction - states: "Setting fire to the cabin is not possible without the use of tools or fire accelerators." The smoking cabin is available in the following colors: Cream white, white aluminum, pure white.
  • The barrier-free version of the INDIVIDUAL LINE allows unhindered access to the smoking cabin. In addition, special low-profile tables are used in the interior design, which, for example, allow wheelchair users optimal accessibility to the ashtrays.

The smoking cabin is available in the in the "Oak Bleached - Drizzle" and "Anthracite - Suede” decorations.

The cabins are also available as an exhaust air variant - this is equipped with exhaust air connections: The exhaust air is routed via a pipe connection to the outside or into an existing exhaust air system.

Diverse smoking cabin accessories such as various ashtray systems, shelves as well as floor and sit tables are available - we are happy to advise you!

Model names and dimensions for 4,6,8 or 12 people

Smoking cabins

Fire-load neutral version, product models:
For 4 people: ST.203-A
For 6 people: ST.266-A
For 8 people: ST.328-A
For 12 people: ST.453-A

Barrier-free version, product models:
For 4 people: ST.203-barrier-free
For 6 people: ST.266-barrier-free
For 8 people: ST.328-barrier-free
For 12 people: ST.453-barrier-free

Exhaust air version, product models:
For 4 people: ST.203-exhaust air
For 6 people: ST.266-exhaust air
For 8 people: ST.328-exhaust air
For 12 people: ST.453-exhaust air


INDIVIDUAL LINE smoking cabins

  • Smoking cabin with a capacity for up to 8 smokers placed in a conference room of a company.

  • Smoking cabin with a capacity for up to 8 smokers at a gate.

  • Smoking cabin with a capacity for up to 8 smokers in the entrance area of a company.

  • Smoking cabin INDIVDUAL LINE with a barrier-free entrance.

  • Smoking cabin INDIVIDUAL LINE equipped with exhaust connections.

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