Smoking shelters of the OUTDOOR LINE model line

For installation in the outdoor area - protection in all weather conditions

The smoke & talk smoker shelters are available in 3 different sizes for 6, 10 or 15 people. The outdoor cabins consists of a corrosion-resistant aluminum construction. The side glazing is available as clear tempered safety glass or with visual protection decoration in satin-finished look. The flat roof construction is equipped with a gutter and is drained by stainless steel sieve inserts and above ground downward water drains on the corner columns.

Robust and modern aluminum construction, manufactured at high quality and durable: Maintenance-free and without risk of rust thanks to powder coated and anodized surfaces. The aluminum roof with sandwich construction prevents the heating of the interior in summer.

The different model sizes of the outdoor smoking cabins enable a flexible and optimal solution for individual circumstances. The systems fit into their respective environments in a friendly and transparent manner.

  • Construction: Stand profile made of aluminum anodized in EV1 silver.
  • Roof crown: Aluminum power coating in RAL 9007 aluminum gray.
  • Internal roof covering: Pure white RAL 9010.
  • Glass wall elements: Depending on cabin size 6 items (ST.06-OUT), 7 items (ST.10-OUT) or 9 items (ST.15-OUT). 8 mm toughened safety glass.
  • Rain drain: Circulating rain gutter integrated in the roof, water drain through stainless steel sieve in the corner supports.
  • Water removal: Drainage above ground, above the foundation.
  • The models ST.06-OUT and ST.10-OUT are supplied as standard with foundation plate (optionally also without foundation plate).
  • High flexibility - the cabins can also be retrofitted.
  • A wide range of optional accessories allows for customized optional equipment for smoker shelters: Solar lights, ceiling lights (LED lights), seating benches, benches, smoking tables, wall ashtrays, infrared heating and sliding glass doors. Contact us for more detailed information and specific advice.

Smoking shelters model names and dimensions for 6, 10 or 15 people

Model 6 people: ST.06-OUT
W x D x H (mm): 3000 x 1500 x 2391

Model 10 people: ST.10-OUT
W x D x H (mm): 4200 x 1500 x 2391

Model 15 people: ST.15-OUT
W x D x H (mm): 4200 x 2400 x 2398


OUTDOOR LINE smoking shelters

  • Raucherkabine (Modell ST.10-OUT) für 10 Personen mit Anlehnstützbänken & Fundament.

  • Anlehnstützbank und Rauchertisch inkl. Abfalleimer.

  • Anwendungsbeispiel einer Raucherkabine (Modell ST.10-OUT) für 10 Personen mit Schiebetür.

  • Gebrauchsfertige Anlieferung einer ST.06-OUT Raucherkabine.

  • Raucherkabine mit Glasschiebetür und Sichtschutzdekor.

  • Aluminiumkonstruktion mit integrierter Regenrinne.

  • Outdoor Raucherkabine auf dem Firmengelände der Bayer Animal Health GmbH.

  • Raucherunterstand auf einem Firmengelände.

  • Raucherkabine im Außenbereich eines Cafés.

  • Aschenbechertisch in einer Raucherkabine.

  • Raucherkabine (Modell ST.06-OUT) für 6 Personen.

  • Raucherkabine (Modell ST.10-OUT) für 10 Personen.

  • Raucherkabine (Modell ST.15-OUT) für 15 Personen.

  • Outdoor Raucherkabine auf einem Firmengelände.

  • Outdoor Raucherkabine auf einem Firmengelände.

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